Meeting deadlines

Meeting a deadline is like seeing the finishing line in a race. You know you have got to get there and giving is not an option, so you keep on pressing on,overcoming technical and time difficulties to fulfil the goal. Having worked through the night, remaining focussed and concentrating despite the weary eyes, there is nothing more fulfilling than knowing you have done a good job for someone, and that they are thrilled with the results. Last year I ran the Stroud Half Marathon. It was tough in patches, but getting to the end was my only aim because I knew when I did I would receive a medal that had been designed by my very own daughter. My journey into illustration has been a lot of hard work, dedication and determination and I look forward to crossing more finishing lines along the way. Today I completed this map which provides a playful and colourful representation of the water features which will be at Countryfile Live at Blenheim Palace from August 3-6.


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