My Twin Sisters Spag & Bol 

Spag & Bol - two very different ingredients; one delicious dish. Not so delicious when they are your twin sisters and have stolen your position as baby of the family. This 32-page children's book, told in Grace's words, follows her journey to crack the twin code and enter what appears to be a magical secret world that her new sisters share.






Modern Mrs Bennet


A playful celebration of a year in the life of Modern Mrs Bennet, capturing every day, often mundane ordinary moments in a fun way. As a mother of five daughters, Mrs B. often wishes she could escape for just a few minutes to have some peace and quiet. As the images show, family life is mad but never dull!







Uley Blue
Uley Blue is a little hare with a BIG imagination. When visiting her grandfather, Scarlet Red Hare at the Museum she starts to use her imagination and objects within the Museum collection come to life. Published in 2017 by Spotty Flamingo Publishing, this hard-back A6 60 page collectable is an imprint of Tracy Spiers Illustration. 





Capel Cochineal & Stanley Sheep's School Project - Stroud's String of Pearls.

This tells the story of Stroud’s unique mill history through the characters who made its famous Scarlet cloth, namely a cochineal bug called Capel and a sheep named Stanley. Published by The History Press in early September 2019, this school project, presented in an exercise book fashion by Year 5/6 pupils Capel and Stanley; captures the imagination and engages primary school pupils – and all those interested in our local history – in a fun-loving way.  







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